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Sunday Worship

We believe that worship is not just something we do, but it is who we are as children of God. Sunday morning worship is one of our favorite times together as we express who God created us to be individually and corporately through song, dance, art and visual media. It is our goal each time we gather, to make heart connections with one another and with the Father.

A typical Sunday morning will have around 40 minutes of worship for the adults, while the kids church has live worship tailored to them. Every fifth Sunday is Family Worship Sunday where the children join their families to worship together followed by a short teaching by Pastor BJ.

Worship is a big part of the DNA of our church family and you are invited to join your expression with ours.


Every first Sunday our church gathers together as one big family to worship together.  We invite everyone, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters to participate.  It is part of our Home initiative to encourage families to worship together.  During this time we sing and celebrate who God is.  After worship, Pastor BJ shares a short devotional with the children before dismissing them to their classes.



Over the years we have hosted several of our friends as guest worship leaders at Freedom Church.  We love our local and regional worship community.  Below are some of our favorite people who we count as friends and more importantly, family.  You can click on an image below to support them and their ministry of worship.